Why Choose Us?

Why Become A Patient?

  1. Experience, Expertise, and Exquisite Staff:
    With over 30 years of experience in the field, Dr. Robert W. Kneib has been providing general dentistry to patients that come from all around the Erie area.
  2. Technologically Advanced:
    Hoping to provide the best dentistry around, we make sure that we have the gizmos and gadgets necessary for giving you the smile that you love to show and that others love to see.
  3. High-Quality Materials:
    Caring about the quality of materials that are being used for dental treatments, we only use the best materials and products that meet our standard of quality.
  4. Comprehensive Dentistry:
    When we say that we practice general dentistry, we mean that we provide broad services that range from orthodontics to implants to satisfy all your dental needs at your convenience.
  5. Family Owned:
    Serving Erie since 1980, Kneib Dentistry has been run by Dr. Robert Kneib and his wife, Dara, and now they have added their son Warren Kneib to help keep the business growing and offer you the best care and service.
  6. Comfortable, Homey Office:
    With the office having a past as a residential house, it has that homey feel to it that keeps you comfortable and cozy. In addition, the TV, music, and warm neck wrap let you know that we care.
  7. Accept Most Insurances:
    To accommodate your financial needs, we participate with most common insurances.
  8. Financing:
    For many patients, especially uninsured, we offer financing options to make treatment more affordable for patients.
  9. Free Treatment Consulting:
    Knowing that everyone has their own financial conditions, we provide complimentary treatment planning to work within your medical savings.
  10. Because You Deserve an Attractive Smile!