Some of the cutting-edge technologies that Kneib Dentistry can offer you include:

  • CEREC® CAD/CAM - A machine that provides the dentist with in-office, same-day restorations, which are milled from blocks of white composite resin or porcelain, matching the shade of the restored tooth.
  • Orthophos XG 3D - An advanced 3D and 2D imaging machine that provides better diagnosis and treatment planning through digitally enhanced x-ray imaging. With amazing clarity and resolution, it also provides significant aid in the placement of dental implants.
  • TEKscan® III System: A valuable tool that aids in the diagnostic process of analyzing a patient's bite to show what is and what isn't functioning properly. When a bite is unstable it can cause pain, broken restorations, gum disease, tooth loss, headaches, and TMJ disorder.
  • DEKA® Laser: A CO2 laser for soft tissue recontouring and tissue sterilization.
  • DigiDoc Iris Intraoral Camera: A camera that displays a detailed view of your mouth on a flat-screen monitor, providing a clear, close-up look at your teeth, gums, and mouth. It aids us with diagnosis as well as helps you understand the need for your treatment.
  • Piezotome®: A surgical instrument that assists in easier removal of teeth during a tooth extraction.
  • BioTENS®: An ultra low-frequency tens unit that induces mild muscular impulses to relax muscles and promote the reduction of jaw pain.
  • Diagnodent®: A laser that assists in quantifying the presence of decay in the surface of teeth.
  • ITERO®: A device that produces accurate digital impressions of your teeth for restorative work such as implants, crowns, and bridges. The images provide us with consistent and superior results to keep you smiling.
  • Dentsply Sirona Primeprint®: Highly automated, end to end, medical grade 3D printing system to provide a greater service/product and experience for our patients.

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