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An alternative to orthodontic care for minimal treatment.

Dentistry offers an alternative, called "MTM Clear Aligner". MTM treatment is typically for the less severe orthodontic cases that present minimal crowding of teeth. The main focus of this treatment is to address anterior teeth (front six teeth). MTM literally stands for "Minor Tooth Movement", which means that this treatment is usually quicker and requires fewer visits to the dentist. Due to the minimal amount of treatment, it typically translates to a less costly form of orthodontic care

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Determining if MTM Clear Aligners are right for you

MTM Clear Aligners are a great alternative to traditional braces, especially for adults looking to correct crooked or minimally crowded teeth, or teens who participate in activities that may be hard with braces. By simply wearing a clear aligner while going about daily life, patients can start to see the difference in their smile in just a few months! 

MTM Clear Aligners may be right for you if: 

  • You don't want the bulky appearance of traditional orthodontic braces. 
  • You play certain sports or a wind instrument, which may be difficult to do with braces. 
  • Brand name Invisalign is out of your budget. 
  • You experience minor dental crowding.
  • Your schedule is too busy to accommodate very frequent dental visits.

MTM Clear Aligners FAQs

What is the difference between MCT Clear Aligners and Invisalign?

The main difference between MTM Clear Aligners and Invisalign is the brand name and the price point. MTM Clear Aligners cost $3,000 on average whereas Invisalign has a starting cost of about $3,500. This is because MTM Clear Aligners are typically used by patients who need minor corrections made, while Invisalign is a longer process for more severe orthodontic cases. Apart from that, the two types of clear aligners offer similar benefits.

To know what alternative orthodontic care is best for your teeth and lifestyle however, it is best to schedule a consultation and speak directly with one of our trained professionals. 

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