TeethMate Desensitizer

We understand that many people experience tooth sensitivity and we know how bothersome it can be. We, at Kneib Dentistry, have been using this product since mid-2014 and have seen some very good results after the use of TeethMate Desensitizer.

The human body's strongest material, Hydroxyapatite (HAp), is a mineral that is naturally found in enamel and dentin. When applied to the dentin and/or enamel surface, TeethMate Desensitizer creates HAp, sealing dental tubules and cracks in the enamel.

TeethMate Desensitizer is indicated to prevent a variety of dentinal sensitivity challenges, such as cervical sensitivity (exposed dentin), before/after bleaching, scaling or root planing and underneath restorations.

TeethMate Desensitizer | Kneib Dentistry in Erie, PA

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