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An Affordable Celebrity Smile

The Snap On Smile® is one of the most affordable and effective means of getting the smile you deserve. Without having an extreme makeover or getting dentures made, Dr. Kneib can create a full arch for you with only the few existing teeth you may have.

For just a fraction of the cost of a full mouth reconstruction, you can have an "extreme makeover" done within just a few weeks! All that is needed is an impression of your current teeth and you can receive your new teeth at your next visitWith just one "snap" of the Snap On Smile®, you can have a brand new set of beautiful, functional teeth.

Snap On Smile FAQs

What is the Snap-On Smile?

The Snap-On Smile is a device that is made to go over your teeth to cover cracked, stained, missing or slightly crooked teeth and give you the appearance of a bright, full smile. It is thin, flexible, and made with dental resin technologies for a long-lasting, durable solution. It is made for daily use.

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