June 22nd, 2020, 1:00 PM


June 22, 2020

For those unaware, we are now seeing patients for all matters. We are indeed providing prophylaxis ("cleanings") as well. The state government has given us the clearance to provide these services under certain protocol and while using appropriate personal protective equipment.

We apologize if we have not yet contacted you in regards to rescheduling, but we have been doing our best to update and inform you all. Please bear with us while we acclimate to getting back into the regular flow of patients.

Thank you!


The following is an attempt to create some clarity and comfort during these concerning and questionable times we all face. As we, as a dental office, realize the daily activities we conduct are pertaining to the oral cavity, we fully understand that safety and caution is of main importance. This is to keep both patients and staff protected from potential contamination. We have certainly been concerned and determined to create the safest atmosphere in order to continue to provide our dental services to the community at large.

Throughout the past several weeks, we have been listening and following the proper protocol as recommended by the CDC, WHO, the ADA, etc. In doing this, we have found the reassurance that our services can be confidently conducted through the strict practices of proper prevention of contamination. We have invested in the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as recommended by the various health organizations. We have also altered our daily schedule by staggering appointments in order to support the concept of distancing so as to prevent numerous individuals from making contact. Furthermore, in regards to the reality of possible airborne pathogens, we have invested in high pressure evacuation systems to help keep the air pure.

Ultimately, we continue to follow the directives of the authorities and we will continue to take the proper steps in order to promote the health and wellbeing of patients and staff. We fully understand that many of you may carry on with staying at home, even beyond the recommended time frames as mandated by law, and we want you to know that we respect your decision to do so. We only hope to provide you with the reassurance of knowing that these concerns are important to us, and that we are doing all that we possibly can, to create a healthy and comfortable environment for all that pass through our office.

Appointment Protocol:

  1. Upon arrival, we ask that you wear a mask and call us from your car to notify us of your arrival. We do this to stagger patient flow so as to limit contact with multiple people.
  2. Immediately as you enter the building, we will have you wash your hands and use a mouth rinse for further precautionary measures.

We currently plan to remain normal office hours on May 11th.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding!

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