May 5th, 2016, 12:00 AM

At Kneib Dentistry, we know how much your eating habits can affect your dental health. Let's walk through some common foods and beverages to avoid, or limit, so you can keep your smile healthy!

Chewing Ice
You would think chewing on ice is harmless, however, think again. Chewing on ice can lead to chipped teeth or even toothaches. Next time you bite into a nice cold ice cube, think again about chewing.

Cough Drops
There is one thing you should know about cough drops: sugar. As you know, sugar can lead to cavities. Ensure that if you have a cold, or are just eating cough drops for enjoyment, you're brushing your teeth regularly.

Gummy Candy
Ever notice how gummy candies have a way of getting stuck in your teeth? We notice it too. As tasty as these candies can be, make sure you're brushing to keep those sugars from creating cavities.

We know soda is great, however along with sugar, almost all sodas have what's called phosphoric and citric acid. This is no good. These acids can eat away at tooth enamel. We suggest keeping healthy with a nice glass of water!

Sports Drinks
After a nice, long workout everyone loves a cool, refreshing sports drink, right? Think again. Frequent consumption of typical sports drinks can lead to tooth decay. Like all things, make sure you limit your sports drink consumption.

Fruit Juice
Fruit juice is generally thought to be better for you because they're filled with healthy vitamins. Some fruit juices have as much sugar as soda. However, we don't suggest stopping fruit juice consumption, just limit its frequency throughout the day.

Potato Chips
Potato chips are a healthier snack than the typical candy. However, acid created from eating potato chips can attack your teeth. Make sure you brush and floss after you're done eating your tasty snack.

Coffee gives most people the energy boost they need to get through the day. However, coffee can stain and eat away at your enamel. If you're worried about staining, come discuss your options with us.

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