When there are no other reasonable options left to take, extractions are typically the acceptable route of treatment. Here at Kneib Dentistry, we can provide dental extractions (inclusive of wisdom teeth), as well as various other oral surgical procedures. After we have already looked at every option to attempt to salvage and/or restore a tooth, the last resort is to extract the tooth.

There are many surgical procedures that can highly benefit from the use of a laser. Kneib Dentistry has a CO2 laser that can make these procedures easier and more comfortable for both the patient and doctor.

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How long have you been a dentist? What are your credentials?

Dr. Robert Kneib trained with some of the world's most prominent cosmetic dental professionals and graduated from The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. Over the past 30 years, he has established his reputation as one of the most trusted names in family and cosmetic dentistry.

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