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Back to School Dental Care Tips for Parents

Monday, Aug. 26, 2019

Every kid wants to start the school year off right by looking good and feeling good. What better way to achieve both of those things then by going to the dentist to brighten your smile?

Dentures and Dental Implants: What's the Difference?

Friday, Jul. 26, 2019

Many factors go into deciding which tooth replacement option will be best for you, including cost, convenience and more. So let’s take a look at dentures and dental implants in detail.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services vs. Over-the-Counter Products

Tuesday, Jun. 18, 2019

As time goes by, you may notice that your smile just isn’t what it used to be. Is it too late to fix it?

Different Types of Dental Crowns and Caps

Wednesday, May. 29, 2019

If you're not confident with your smile, you might want to look into dental crowns or caps.

Dental Phobia and Fear: It's Real!

Friday, Dec. 14, 2018

No matter how you put it, dental anxiety is a very common and real thing.

MTM Clear Aligners: Another alternative to braces

Tuesday, Mar. 27, 2018

Other than the more commonly known clear aligner, Invisalign, Kneib

Dentistry PC now offers an alternative, called “MTM Clear Aligner”.

Implant Supported Dentures: A better denture experience

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018

Many people don't realize that you can create a denture to become fixed onto implants.

Invisalign and Digital Impressions

Tuesday, Apr. 25, 2017

With the use of our Itero, we can digitally scan your mouth and create an immediate simulation of how Invisalign can help change your smile.

Dental Insurance 101

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017

Brief introduction on how dental insurance works for you

Had Enough with your Denture?

Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016